R.E.A.L. Program Products

REAL Voices CD v.1:
Original, Beats, Rhythms and Rhymes. BACK IN STOCK!!

Recorded in 2001, REAL Voices gives listeners wonderful insight into the often unheard lives of adolescents. It is a bold and brilliant collage of poetry, hip hop, social commentary and intrumentals. All done by REAL youth members. On sale for $10/copy.

REAL Voices CD v.2:

Go on a highly creative musical journey with the REAL youth members as they explore perceptions of themselves socially, politically, and emotionally. This magnetically charged body of work reflects a 2-year endeavor of spoken word, poetry, hip hop beats and rhymes, and instrumentals. All written and produced by young folks. Listen to their words, but hear their lives. On sale for $10/copy.

For copies of the REAL CD, e-mail the REAL Youth Program at RealYouthProgram@yahoo.com

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